Residency verification due

Residency verification due
Posted on 07/18/2022

Alamo Heights ISD Residency Verification is underway and will close on July 21. All current families were sent an email at the end of June reminding them to complete this important process. 

Residency Verification is a required annual process to confirm the residency of all AHISD students. Often confused with “Enrollment Verification” which verifies a student’s information for enrollment, Residency Verification requires families to submit a proof of current residence to the school district. 

As in the past, there is the option of emailing Residency Verification to the student's campus. See the list below of required items that must be attached to the email and the information to type inside the email. 

The email response to Residency Verification should be sent to the campus data clerk as indicated below for the grade the student is entering for the new school year that is coming in August. To verify multiple students with one email, include their information and the email address for each of the campuses.  

There is also an option to complete this process in-person. Visit the AHISD Central Office location at 7101 Broadway during our summer office hours of 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.,  Monday through Wednesday and 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Thursdays. Please note that the district office is closed on Fridays in the summer.  

Families with a Secondary Residence, Power of Attorney, Grandparent Clause, or McKinney-Vento will need to renew their forms in person at the EDC office, located at 705 Trafalgar during business hours. For more information, call 210-442-3700, ext. 0.


What do I need to send by email?

  1. A scanned (or picture from phone) copy of your Driver's License with your current address AND choose ONE of the following:

    • A copy of a current City Public Service bill -or

    • A copy of a current San Antonio Water System bill -or-

    • A copy of a current cable bill

  2. If you rent you will need to bring a copy of your lease agreement and a utility bill. The lease agreement will need to list the parent/guardian as the tenant and all children attending Alamo Heights ISD listed in the "occupants" section of the lease (copies will not be returned).

  3. Also include the following information in your email to appropriate campus-based data clerk for each student in your household that you are verifying:

a. Student ID Number (6 digit ID)

b. Students First, Middle, and Last Name

c. Campus and Grade for the new 2022-2023 school year

d. Guardian 1 Full Name

e. Guardian 2 Full Name

f. Guardian 1 Email Address

g. Guardian 2 Email Address

h. Students full address (street, city, state, zip)

i. Students home phone

Who do I need to send my email to?

Campus office staff returns soon and will process all the verifications sent by email to the above email addresses. 

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