Spotlight on Excellence October

Spotlight on Excellence October
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Schools across Texas and those in our own district have created numerous projects to provide support to those affected by Hurricane Harvey! Our Alamo Heights ISD staff, students and parents have collaborated in big and small ways to make a difference! Together, they are sharing the larger lessons of empathy and kindness, a huge part of our Profile of a Learner.

I have been fortunate to see and share many of the projects that have provided help to those in need. All are worthy of honor and recognition!

One that stands out in my mind is the Hurricane Harvey Benefit Concert. Alamo Heights Junior School’s Band Director, Steve McGrew, lead the project, and with the help of the Fine Arts team from both AHJS and AHHS, was able to coordinate a program that would encourage students and community to come together for a common goal-to help others.

The story is a great one. It was shared by local news station KSAT 12 the day before the concert and it was in that story that I saw the true value of what Steve had accomplished.

The students were being interviewed and the reporter, Patty Santos, asked them why they were working so hard on perfecting the music. The students shared that they loved music. They worked hard to always have a good show, but this one was really important and they needed the music to be performed flawlessly. They shared that this music was supposed to uplift and inspire. It was to motivate people to open their hearts and to give. They felt an urgency to do their best, to work diligently so they could inspire giving.

Steve McGrew was not only supporting those in need, but he was teaching a valuable lesson about shared responsibility, quality of work, resilience, character, grace, compassion and so much more.

In the end, the community came together and supported the requests that came through song. Collectively, they raised over $5,000.

Going above and beyond, Steve McGrew applied learning to a real-world situation, taking on more than was required of him to help students see their part and value in a larger world.

For that, I believe he is deserving of the Spotlight on Excellence award.

Nomination provided by Patti Pawlik-Perales.

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