Target Areas/Goal Outcomes

The AHISD administrative team worked with the Board of Trustees to determine five target areas of focus for the 2023-24 school year that compliments our commitment to Community Based Accountability.

Each of these Target Areas has corresponding goal outcomes for our work. The five Target Areas are: Academic Rigor; College, Career & Military Readiness; Hiring and Recruitment of High Quality Staff; Technology Integration; and Bond-Construction Planning.

Download the 2023-24 Target Areas/Goal Outcomes to learn more.

Academic Rigor - Pillar I

Ensure that instruction aligns with expectations of standards and challenges all learners through a focus on curriculum development and designing engaging work for students.

Goal Outcomes:

90% of all students meet grade level expectations on STAAR, MAP screeners, and IOWA exams (gr. 2 and 5).

Decrease by half the gap between all students and economically disadvantaged student groups. (Comparison of 2022 to 2023 on STAAR and MAP)

85% of all students make a year's worth of progress in a year's time on universal screeners and MAP. (Currently, 65%).

High leverage areas of focus:

ELAR Vertical Alignment- Planning support creation of PK-12 vertical instructional framework

Math Vertical Alignment- Implementation support for the PK-12 vertical instructional framework created in 2022-2023

Professional Learning Communities (PLC) Structures/ Expectations- Implementation support for structured grade level and departmental planning.
  - Standards: What do we want students to know and be able to do?
  - Assessment: How will we know if students learned it?
  - Intervention: What will we do if students do not learn it?
  - Enrichment: What will we do if students already learned it?

High Quality Instructional Material Adoption Process

College, Career, and Military Readiness: Pillar II

Increase opportunities for students to earn industry-based certifications and college credit.

Goal Outcomes:

90% of graduates are college, career, and military ready, as defined by TEA. (Currently, 68%)

Increase % of students earning Industry-based certifications. Half of students in CTE pathway programs will earn IBC by senior year.

Create a pathway for students to earn 60 dual credit college hours and an associate’s degree while in high school.

High leverage areas of focus:

Action research focused on evolving college admissions processes

Early College High School (ECHS)- Planning year to launch a cohort-based pathway for students to earn an associate’s degree while in high school.

Pathways in Technology in Early College High Schools (PTECH)- Planning year to create a program of study within ECHS for students to earn an industry certification in teaching and training.

Recruitment and Retention of High Quality Staff: Pillar VI

Increase and incentivize the continued growth and retention of AHISD employees.

Goal Outcomes:

Overall staff turnover rate in AHISD is below state average.

AHISD attains a teacher turnover rate of 10% or lower. (Currently, 13%; in 2021-2022, 24%)

AHISD maintains or improves the staff's positive responses to the February Feedback Survey about job satisfaction. (2023: 96% Positive Responses; 2022: 91% Positive Responses; 2019: 84% Positive Responses)

High leverage areas of focus:

Teacher Incentive Allotment Application- Create a comprehensive plan for evaluating student growth and submit full TIA application to TEA.

Teacher Retention Strategies- Vigorously seek out substantial and creative structures to recruit and retain high-quality faculty and staff

Texas Teacher Evaluation Support System Calibration- The TIA application must show validity and reliability of T-TESS with all evaluators implementing the observational tool with fidelity.

Technology Guidelines (Pillar III, IV, V)

Provide classroom technology guidelines, tools, and resources to maximize learning for all students.

Goal Outcomes:

90% of students, staff and parents strongly agree or agree that the use of instructional technology in the classroom is appropriate. (Currently, 80%. Only asked parents in 2022)

High leverage areas of focus:

Technology Beliefs and Guidelines finalized and communicated to students, staff, and parents

Bond 2023 (Pillar VII)

Provide updated learning spaces at all campuses, continue to address safety and security, and allow the district to be better community partners with additional parking, improved traffic flow, and outdoor and meeting spaces.

Goal Outcomes:

Design for AHHS construction is complete and construction has started by Spring ‘24.

High leverage areas of focus:

Design Process for AHHS Construction that promotes minimal disruptions to student learning and maintains positive neighbor relations

Construction Bid Process for AHHS Construction

Timeline for Design/ Construction for all other projects

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